Sincerity is the New Irony


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released October 24, 2010

All songs written by Conor Brandt. Music by GOOD GRIEF! Mixed and engineered by Chris Jaggers. Produced by Chris Jaggers and Conor Brandt. Mastered by Todd Simko.



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GOOD GRIEF! Vancouver

GOOD GRIEF! is a band featuring a revised 90's alternative rock sound.

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Track Name: Maze
I won't run in a maze, I won't
I won't surrender my days, I don't

I don't think you really understand
That cash and cars don't really make the man
Just because you have a set routine
Don't mean you can't change the in-betweens

We can argue until the sun goes down
But that don't mean we can't find common ground
No one said you had to kill your dreams
Another dead-end won't lead you to the cheese
Track Name: Just For Size
We tried it on just for size
We tried to win but we all died
and endless lies do us no good
Time will survive longer than we should

We never wanted to let go.......of what we hold

Another night may have just lied
But plans are made not to provide
Much longer than our current golden age
But are we prepared to turn the page?

Then we should turn the page
Track Name: Comb the Dunes!
What did you see
In what she wrote that you couldn't guess?
But it's just built from
All the points that you forgot to stress
Now I can't find
Where all those days went it seems in such a hurry
And out with glass eyes
Giving new meaning to what seems blurry

Comb the dunes for days
Still the sun will blaze
Look back to watch the wind
Erase our trace

What did you know
When you told them all not to be impressed
By the sideshow
Carefully built to distract us from the mess
I'm hooked on reason
It's built in my brain to keep out the worries
In a trial for freedom
No one will win if one side picks the jury

No we don't.....don't really think so
No we won't....won't let the lies go on!
Track Name: Market Traitor
Traitor! Yeah, some might say! Traitor! Don't you know you're market place?!

I said some things, some that I don't mean
I think its time for me to come clean
I read some lines in a make-or-break scene
I think its time for you to come clean
Walking home on the bridge in the dark cold
Fighting moving time put on hold
Loud-scraping my lungs to clear out the mold
Fighting moving time put on hold

I used to walk on ground
but now I walk an aching heart home
Already spilt my guts but not enough to let you in
Already said too much but not enough to let you win

If I tossed and turned in and out of my sleep
Would you wake me up from my dreams?
If I lost my lid and made a heat scene
Should I shake you up from your dreams?
Track Name: What We Create
Assumed set of rules with conduct implied
Its pay to play grounds here
Mannerisms set in stone
Old-money stalks the hallways clear

Will we ever physically possess
What we create in our minds?
Is is fate or anyone's guess?
Both of them I seem to find

Pictures and plaques move us back
Through the old exchange rates
But do we belong neither here nor there
Or do we all belong to fate?
Track Name: Searching For More
I finally know where I'll be when I finally see
I know that you despise me, I feel your hostility
I feel your hate-stare but frankly I don't care
You think its so unfair but do anything you don't dare

I fought back searching for more
I'm on the attack searching for more
I fought back gonna explore
I'm on the attack searching for more

You felt you were cheated. I felt it was needed
The problem was re-seeded. The circle was completed
I got caught in your trap. Fought my way out in a snap
So sick and tired of your crap no more wearing your dunce cap